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Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's a small world...

Do not blame me if that song gets stuck in your head. It's your own fault for reading it. Why is it a small world you ask? Because it is.

My brother, Chase, has been staying at Mom's on the weekends. He claims he needs a break from Daddy, which I believe, but I also think he just wants to party and no one lives in Silesia (and Daddy wouldn't allow a party anyway). I've been staying at Mom's on the weekends too since school has been killing me with homework.

Mom has to work late (and I mean late) on Saturday leaving me and Evan to babysit Izzy, and Chase, for that matter. I don't care what Chase does, he's eighteen and would never listen to me anyway. So he has a party and invites a bunch of dude friends and girls over. Evan and I made sure Izzy stayed in her room and played with her. But I had to see a little bit of this party.

Chase knows a lot of people. Even though his high school isn't very big, he knows a bunch of kids from the high schools and colleges in town. There was about fifty people downstairs.

But this post isn't about Chase's party (which looked stupid anyway). When I was going back upstairs I saw that the bathroom door was open only a little bit--it's always either completely open or closed--and I could hear noises. How dumb am I that I had to go see? I swear I was thinking "what would Holly do?"

I push open the door and it's two guys and they both looked really familiar. They didn't notice me at first since they were too busy making out on the bathroom counter. Good thing we have a long counter...

Then it hit me! The guy on the bottom was Emily's math tutor. I saw him at Easter, although all he did was eat Jello. The other guy I've met several times since he is an actual friend of Chases, not like half the weirdos downstairs. The guy, Viggo, was held back a year in high school and he and Chase met at some sport thing between their schools. I don't know why Emily's math tutor would be at the party since he is closer to thirty than twenty, but Viggo must have bribed him.

Viggo finally realized I was there and jumped off the counter. That stupid song started playing in my head because who knew that a friend of my brother's would be frisking up a friend of Emily's?

"Aaron, isn't it?" I said. "I can't wait to tell Emily."

He did not look happy.

Actually I told Olivia and Holly first since Emily doesn't appreciate being called at weird hours. Twelve-year-olds...



  1. It's a world of peers and a world of tears, and a world of hopes and a world of fears...

    Oh, wait, what? ;-)

    Anyway, yeah, that's quite a coincidence! I hope Aaron and Viggo have learned an important lesson about making sure the door is closed, if they don't want to be on display.


  2. Kaya,

    I can always count on you girl's comments to make me laugh! I think Aaron and Viggo did learn a lesson, though I think Aaron's was more of just staying away from pre-college kids' parties.


  3. Hi! :) I love your blog!
    ~ Jess