My name is Mac Scarlatti and I'm 13. I used to live on a ranch (and still do on weekends), but now I'm discovering the world of town life and how great having friends can be.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's a small world...

Do not blame me if that song gets stuck in your head. It's your own fault for reading it. Why is it a small world you ask? Because it is.

My brother, Chase, has been staying at Mom's on the weekends. He claims he needs a break from Daddy, which I believe, but I also think he just wants to party and no one lives in Silesia (and Daddy wouldn't allow a party anyway). I've been staying at Mom's on the weekends too since school has been killing me with homework.

Mom has to work late (and I mean late) on Saturday leaving me and Evan to babysit Izzy, and Chase, for that matter. I don't care what Chase does, he's eighteen and would never listen to me anyway. So he has a party and invites a bunch of dude friends and girls over. Evan and I made sure Izzy stayed in her room and played with her. But I had to see a little bit of this party.

Chase knows a lot of people. Even though his high school isn't very big, he knows a bunch of kids from the high schools and colleges in town. There was about fifty people downstairs.

But this post isn't about Chase's party (which looked stupid anyway). When I was going back upstairs I saw that the bathroom door was open only a little bit--it's always either completely open or closed--and I could hear noises. How dumb am I that I had to go see? I swear I was thinking "what would Holly do?"

I push open the door and it's two guys and they both looked really familiar. They didn't notice me at first since they were too busy making out on the bathroom counter. Good thing we have a long counter...

Then it hit me! The guy on the bottom was Emily's math tutor. I saw him at Easter, although all he did was eat Jello. The other guy I've met several times since he is an actual friend of Chases, not like half the weirdos downstairs. The guy, Viggo, was held back a year in high school and he and Chase met at some sport thing between their schools. I don't know why Emily's math tutor would be at the party since he is closer to thirty than twenty, but Viggo must have bribed him.

Viggo finally realized I was there and jumped off the counter. That stupid song started playing in my head because who knew that a friend of my brother's would be frisking up a friend of Emily's?

"Aaron, isn't it?" I said. "I can't wait to tell Emily."

He did not look happy.

Actually I told Olivia and Holly first since Emily doesn't appreciate being called at weird hours. Twelve-year-olds...


Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Date... Kind Of

Since it was Holly's 14th birthday Monday, we went on Saturday night. Well, not her and I, but a group of us: me, Holly, Olivia, Holly's brother Dexter, my brother Cam, and a male acquaintance of ours from school, Tristan. Since there was enough boys for all of us, it kind of felt like a date, especially since we all kind of like some of the boys. Olivia has a huge crush on Dexter. Holly and I like Tristan a lot. He doesn't usually hang out with us a much, so I'm not really sure how Holly managed to shag snag him.

We went to the mall for pizza (Olivia's mom drove us). After that we walked across the street for ice cream. Holly bemoaned the fact that we couldn't drive yet. I reminded her that her oldest brother could drive and maybe if they got along he would take us to cool places. She rolled her eyes.

We headed back to the mall to hit a few shops before we had to meet Olivia's mom. Everyone paired off as soon as went in one store. I got stuck with my brother. He wasn't any happier than I was since he liked Holly.

The store was boring, I was ready to leave, but first we had to pull Holly and Tristan apart. Being 14 obviously makes you very horny hormonal. It was almost time to meet Olivia's mom so we headed back to the food court. Olivia whispered to me that she and Dexter were going to hang out together. I grinned, but hoped that Dexter wasn't as crazy as his sister.

I wasn't at all surprised when Holly called me later to tell me that she and Tristan were going to go on a true date. I'm a little worried for her since she is so wild and a little jealous because I like Tristan, too. Also a little sad that both my friends have potential boyfriends and I don't. It makes me wonder what kind of drama is going to await us is high school.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Crazy Times

This post might get a little crazy, so consider yourself warned. Holly is watching over my shoulder, and although she has promised not to interfere, I don't really trust her.

I decided to write to Blake Shelton (so much for my promise not to make another post about him) and see if I can get an autograph. Fingers crossed! Though I'm not sure what to say yet. I have to think on it some more.

Last night Holly and Olivia spent the night (obviously Holly is till hanging around. Free loader... She came home from school with me). I don't think I've ever had a slumber party turn out so crazy before! But that is apparently what happens when Holly is in the room. Yes, we had a party on a school night, but our parents didn't seem to care. Everything started out calmly enough. We made popcorn and settled down to watch The Voice (the whole reason for the slumber party). Now you know who my favorite judge is. Holly's favorite?


Sorry, that was Holly. She is as obsessed with him as I am with Blake Shelton, but she is more... How should I put this? Suggestive of what she wants to do with him. Let's just say handcuffs are on her Christmas wish list. So, I bet you can guess the amount of chaos that resumed for the two hours. Poor Olivia was stuck sitting between us and stuck trying to keep us from drooling.

I did not drool!!!!

Again, sorry, that was Holly. And she was drooling very much so. She could have filled a cup with drool. Olivia had to tell a us a few times to shut up and watch the show. She actually watches to hear the singers. Who does that? Later we snacked on some candy to counter balance the salty popcorn. But the eye candy was much more appealing.

Next we watched a rerun of Two and a Half Men. If you have forgotten, that is Holly's favorite show and for some twisted reason, Charlie Sheen is one of her idols. We had a whole very bizarre conversation on the subject. My favorite quote of the night was from Holly: "I would rather eat Adam Levine because Charlie Sheen has enough drugs in him to kill two and a half men!"

I though that was quite brilliant, but maybe I'm just as twisted as Holly. Oh, and the whole why would Holly want to eat Adam Levine was in relation to a conversation about our favorite foods and Holly and I wondering if considering Blake Shelton/Adam Levine our favorite food would be considered cannibalism. Olivia said it would be, but Holly and I were thinking of other things in terms of "eating."

Well, that was my night. Things are a lot different now that I'm living in town and almost in high school. My cousin Emily and her friends seem so young and innocent. But I kind of like speaking my mind and exploring what's out there. Holly is probably a horrible influence on me-

I am not!!!

-but I love her anyway.


Saturday, March 24, 2012


Okay, I'm not really a "squee-ing" person, that is more Holly's territory. But I have to because Blake Shelton is so damn awesome! I wish I had gotten to meet him, but just seeing him in person from a distance was enough. He is so good looking! I was quite proud of myself because I knew every song he sang.

The concert was just awesome, and he put on a really good, fun show. The whole concert was over 3 hours long! I didn't get home until midnight.

I know Emily is killer mad at me now since I called her first thing this morning and talked her ear off. I swear she almost hung up on me. But she's my cousins, so it was her duty to listen to me ramble.

I've never written to a famous person before, do you think it would be worthwhile to try and get an autograph? I would so love to have that on my wall!

Alright, I promise I won't make another post wholly about Blake Shelton for awhile. But a girl has the right to make a fool of herself at least once.


Thursday, March 22, 2012


Well, so much for promising I would blog more. I always have the best intentions to do so, but yet it never seems to happen.

Anyway, I'm going to see country singer Blake Shelton in concert tomorrow night! I am so, so excited! He is such a good singer and funny and so hot! Olivia and Holly are so jealous. (Okay, time to stop saying "so"). This is my first concert so and I'm really excited.

Who is everyone else's favorite singer? Have you gotten to see him or her in concert?


Monday, January 23, 2012


Well, the sad thing is my skiing days were over the same day they began. The snow is already beginning to melt. But, I had a blast on the one day it was cold! And we got nearly a foot of snow!
 I got the skis for Christmas. Silly parents thinking it would be a cold, snowy winter! My brother, Chase, has promised to take me to the mountains where there is more snow, but that's not quite as convenient as playing in your own backyard.

I hope another cold front moves in. I love the cold! It seems that most of us are having unusually warm weather and no snow this winter. What kind of activities have you been up to?

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Hi, I'm Olivia. Mac is going to let me post on her blog. Between the two of us we might be able to keep this updated! I think we'll have to change the name. I think "Mac & Olivia" sounds nice. Are other friend Holly said we should call it "Mac & Cheese"! Despite that comment, we might let her post as well. She just has to get over a few obsessions of hers or this blog would become R rated.

That is me and my dog Lily. A bit about myself: I'm 13 and was born in Chicago. I've lived in London, Australia, and Toronto. My dad is a wilderness survival instructor; and her mom is a homemaker. We moved to Montana about four years ago, just before my little sister, Paige, was born. I have an older sister as well. Lea is 22 and a fashion designer. She lives in London, but visits often. I live a few houses down from Mac's mom's new house. We go to the same school, as does Holly, but we only have a few classes together.

I like traveling, knitting, and playing chess. My favorite animal is a three-way tie between elephants, polar bears, and dingos. I love caramels! My mouth waters at just the thought of one. I also love cupcakes, donuts, and apples. I have to like at least one healthy food!

I'm considered the quiet and smart one of my friends. Mac is the tomboy and go-getter. Holly is the crazy-loud one. She doesn't live very far from me either.

Well, I hope to post again soon. Mac and I really want to meet more bloggers and make online friends. Please, pass the word on about our blog if you can.