My name is Mac Scarlatti and I'm 13. I used to live on a ranch (and still do on weekends), but now I'm discovering the world of town life and how great having friends can be.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Date... Kind Of

Since it was Holly's 14th birthday Monday, we went on Saturday night. Well, not her and I, but a group of us: me, Holly, Olivia, Holly's brother Dexter, my brother Cam, and a male acquaintance of ours from school, Tristan. Since there was enough boys for all of us, it kind of felt like a date, especially since we all kind of like some of the boys. Olivia has a huge crush on Dexter. Holly and I like Tristan a lot. He doesn't usually hang out with us a much, so I'm not really sure how Holly managed to shag snag him.

We went to the mall for pizza (Olivia's mom drove us). After that we walked across the street for ice cream. Holly bemoaned the fact that we couldn't drive yet. I reminded her that her oldest brother could drive and maybe if they got along he would take us to cool places. She rolled her eyes.

We headed back to the mall to hit a few shops before we had to meet Olivia's mom. Everyone paired off as soon as went in one store. I got stuck with my brother. He wasn't any happier than I was since he liked Holly.

The store was boring, I was ready to leave, but first we had to pull Holly and Tristan apart. Being 14 obviously makes you very horny hormonal. It was almost time to meet Olivia's mom so we headed back to the food court. Olivia whispered to me that she and Dexter were going to hang out together. I grinned, but hoped that Dexter wasn't as crazy as his sister.

I wasn't at all surprised when Holly called me later to tell me that she and Tristan were going to go on a true date. I'm a little worried for her since she is so wild and a little jealous because I like Tristan, too. Also a little sad that both my friends have potential boyfriends and I don't. It makes me wonder what kind of drama is going to await us is high school.



  1. Wow, that sounds... like a not entirely successful evening.

    I hope at least the pizza and ice cream were good?


    Sorry Tristan ended up with someone else - and yeah, sounds like drama is on the horizon. Ugh! Poor Mac!


  2. Bree,

    Your comment made me laugh! Definitely was no a successful night for me. But, yeah, the pizza and ice cream were good. We shall see what else unfolds...