My name is Mac Scarlatti and I'm 13. I used to live on a ranch (and still do on weekends), but now I'm discovering the world of town life and how great having friends can be.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Well, so much for promising I would blog more. I always have the best intentions to do so, but yet it never seems to happen.

Anyway, I'm going to see country singer Blake Shelton in concert tomorrow night! I am so, so excited! He is such a good singer and funny and so hot! Olivia and Holly are so jealous. (Okay, time to stop saying "so"). This is my first concert so and I'm really excited.

Who is everyone else's favorite singer? Have you gotten to see him or her in concert?



  1. Mama used to love Reba McEntire and The Judds and got to meet them and saw their concerts at fan fair one year in Nashville.

    Right now my favorite singer is Mercy Me or Chris Tomlin .. I have not seen either in concert. Some day .. .. ..

  2. Reba McEntire is one of my favorite's, too. That's so cool that your mama got to meet her!


  3. Hi Mac! Good to see you again!

    Very exciting that you get to go to the concert. I hope you have a wonderful time.

    My favourite band is Jamiroquai. I've never seen them in concert, but I hope I will someday. My favourite of their songs is "Cosmic Girl" - it's great for dancing around the house to.


  4. Bonsoir, Mac!
    Have fun! My favorite singer is Miley Cyrus. I am dying to see her in concert someday; aside from meeting her, it's my dream.